Service Level Agreement

The Guarantee

Our aim is that your stored data and running virtual servers will be available over the internet for 100% of the time in any given calendar month.


This guarantee does not cover periods of unavailability due to:

  • Your payments not covering your use, including but not limited to when your subscriptions or prepaid balance run out.
  • Acts or omissions of you or your users.
  • Software running within your virtual servers.
  • Scheduled maintenance which we have announced at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Factors outside our control, including but not limited to any force majeure events; failures, acts or omissions of our upstream providers or failures of the internet.
  • Actions of third parties, including but not limited to security compromises, denial of service attacks and viruses.
  • Violations of our Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Law enforcement activity.


If we fail to meet the guarantee detailed above, then you will be able to request a credit as detailed below, up to a maximum of 100% of your fee for capacity used during the previous 30 calendar days:

  • Credit of 100 times the fees for any period of unavailability lasting more than 15 minutes, measured from the time at which you validly inform us at of the unavailability or the time at which our monitoring systems detect the unavailability, whichever is earlier.
  • Credit of your entire fee for the previous 30 calendar days in case of permanent loss of your stored data.

In the event that we fail to meet the guarantee on more than one occasion within a period of 30 calendar days, then the credit that you may claim for any incident will be limited to the maximum of 100% of your fee for capacity used since the previous incident or 100% of your fee for capacity used during the previous 30 calendar days, whichever fee is lower.

How to obtain a credit

To receive a credit, you must contact us at within 30 calendar days of the incident, specifying the start time, date and duration of the period of unavailability which forms the basis of your claim and the amount of credit claimed. We will be the sole arbiter regarding the award of credit and our decision will be final and binding.


The award of credit by us to you as described in this Service Level Agreement will be the sole and exclusive remedy for unavailability of stored data or virtual servers or loss of stored data. Credits will only be provided against future service and for the avoidance of doubt may not be exchanged for cash or other forms of payment.

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