Load Balancing, Clustering and Hybrid Solutions

How do I set up load balancing between my servers? Which tools do you recommend?

We recommend that you set up a small server in your cluster, running a load balancer, such as HAProxy or Pound, and connect it to your backend web servers over a VLAN.

Do you offer dedicated servers and hybrid cloud/dedicated clusters?

If you need dedicated servers, hybrid hosting or custom hosting solutions, you should take a look at our sister company, Melbourne Server Hosting who offer a full range of both cloud servers and dedicated servers. and physical

When would you recommend a hybrid solution?

Hybrid solutions are particularly useful where you need a high-spec database server with high IO performance requirements which is better run on dedicated hardware, but want the flexibility of our cloud platform for your front-end web servers and load-balancing. A combination including dedicated machines is also worth considering if you need particularly low latency for compute-heavy jobs or are specifying servers with more than 8GB of RAM.

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