Firewalls and Security

How do I set up a firewall on my servers?

Serverlove provides a port-level firewall for each server. After creating a server, or when you stop a server, click the edit button and engage the firewall.

You can then specify which firewall ports should be opened in a space-separated list using the format: “[transport]/[port number]“. For example, use “tcp/80″ to open TCP port 80 and “udp/53″ to open UDP port 53. Don’t add the quote marks!

We also recommend running a software firewall inside your servers (Windows built-in or Linux iptables) as these may offer more granular permission sets.

Firewalls cost £2/month per server.

How can I disable VNC on a server?

On the server configuration page, you can disable VNC access by leaving the VNC password field blank.

How can I encrypt VNC connections to a server?

We do support TLS VNC using the VeNCrypt extensions, which some VNC clients support. You can enable this option through the advanced settings in the server configuration page. Note there are several different incompatible schemes for TLS on VNC. gtk-vnc/vinagre on Linux is a popular client that works with VeNCrypt.

What access do Serverlove staff have to my servers?

Serverlove staff do not have access to your server passwords. The only access they have is the ability to see the VNC display, which they may use from time to time to check that your server is running.

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