Backups and Redundancy

What redundancy does your infrastructure provide?

Our virtual drives are allocated on RAID1 disk arrays. These provide a similar level of reliability to RAID1 on a traditional dedicated server, and ensures that any failure on one virtualization host will not affect others.

What is your uptime guarantee?

Our SLA offers compensation whenever we fail to meet our 100% uptime guarantee.

What solutions do you recommend for backups?

We do not provide an integrated backup service, but you can backup your data yourself, either by running a backup server on our infrastructure or using a third-party backup service such as

If you run your backup server in the same account as the main server, you can transfer data between the two for free over a VLAN.

Can I make a backup copy of a drive?

We provide a drive copy function which duplicates a drive. You have to power down a server while this takes place, and it may take some time if the drive is large. We aim to introduce instant snapshots in the medium term, which will be possible while a server is running.

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