Eminently Affordable Pricing

Serverlove is affordable and simple to buy. We accept online credit/debit card payments in £ (GBP). Wherever possible we’ve made it so you don’t need to commit to resources; you simply purchase whatever you need, as you use it. For more detailed information about billing and payments see our FAQ.

Server Resources

For simplicity, there are no subscription-based commitments for CPU, memory, bandwidth and disk space; you simply pay as you need, billed in 5-minute increments.  There’s a helpful pricing tool on our homepage!

CPU† £0.01/core-GHz-hour
Memory £0.015/GB-hour
Disk‡ £0.10/GB-month


  • All Cloud Servers are subject to a minimum rate of £0.02/hour when started
  • All disk volumes are subject to a minimum rate of £0.001/hour if not part of a started Cloud Server.
  • † CPU is guaranteed to be at the rate you purchase.  Burst CPU is available when it’s not required by other users.
  • ‡ All disk storage is persistent when your server is rebooted or stopped.

Network Resources

Our standard service provides dynamic IP addresses on the public internet.  You can purchase the following network resources, commited to your account on a monthly basis.

Type Cost per month
Static public IP address £1 (admin fee)
Private network VLAN £1
Firewall £2

Data Transfer (Bandwidth)

Data transferred on your account is not pre-commited, and is simply charged at the following rates based on actual usage:

Type Cost per GB
Internet £0.02
Private VLAN Not Charged

Software licenses

We can provide pre-installed Microsoft-based images at the following rates:

Software Cost per month
Windows Web Server 2008 £10
Windows Server 2008 Standard £20
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Web Edition £25

Just to clarify, all prices exclude VAT at the current rate (20%) which is applicable to EU customers.

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