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Serverlove is part of Melbourne Server Hosting.  Because we design, build and manage our own datacentres, we’re in full control, and can confidently stand behind our SLAs.

We put significant time, effort and money into making sure our datacentres are up to scratch, with resilient power, air conditioning and security in-place.  Watch out for other hosting companies pretending to have their own datacentre, when in fact they’re simply taking space in someone else’s.

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Why are Melbourne’s Datacentres greener?

What’s even better, we’ve gone well above-and-beyond to make sure that our datacentres are some of the greenest around.

Long before ‘green’ became the subject of media focus that it is today, Melbourne was concerned with the environmental impact of our server hosting, and have put significant expenditure and time in-place to minimise our impacts.

We do more than most to minimise our impact on the environment:

  • We buy renewable energy for our managed hosting datacentres, meaning that rather than trying to carbon-offset our datacentres, we’re buying green power in the first place.
  • We buy the latest energy efficient servers, which use up to 50% less power than the previous models which they replace.  We have an active program of phasing out higher-powered older generation servers from our datacentres.
  • We run a number of programmes in our datacentres to reduce the amount of power used for cooling, like cold aisle containment, blanking plates, and installing energy efficient cooling, reducing our cooling costs by over 25%.
  • We use highly efficient UPS systems which achieve approximately 95% efficiency, about 10% more efficient when compared with “traditional” UPS types.
  • We encourage virtualisation to replace lower-end dedicated servers, reducing power consumption by up to 90%.

There’s a number of other things that we’re up to, to minimise our impact on the planet.  Click here for our Environmental and Ethical Policy.

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