Cloud Server Features – UK cloud hosting.

Serverlove is the new cloud server service from Melbourne Server Hosting. So what’s it all about?

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Reliable Cloud Servers

Well, what else would you expect from a cloud hosting brand backed by Melbourne? We’re using the latest, enterprise-class Dell servers and housing them in our reliable self-owned UK Manchester Datacentres.   We offer a 100% SLA on service availability.

Complete Flexibility

We let you purchase CPU, RAM, Storage and bandwidth independently, and without subscription.  Create your perfect combination.  No set packages here; cloud computing hosted with us can be made with any combination of  resources without fixed sizes.

Use any Operating System

Use the software you want with complete administrator/root control. We offer pre-made Windows and Linux templates, but you can upload and install anything; as long as it works on Intel hardware, it will work on our cloud.


As a flexible cloud host, we bill each resource separately and transparently. You simply pay-as-you-go in short 5-minute billing segments, topping up your balance when it gets low.  You can also see exactly how much each cloud server costs when it’s running.


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