Serverlove control panel update coming soon!

It’s a really busy few days here at Serverlove. If you’re following us on Twitter or you’ve talked to us on the support site, you’ll know we’re on the cusp of launching our new control panel in the next week or so.

Our overriding goal at Serverlove is to make “cloud servers you’ll love!”. That’s not just marketing-speak – we mean it. So that’s why we’ve constantly been listening to your feedback and, over the last few months, planning this new update. Read the rest of this entry »

CentOS 6.2 cloud servers now available

Following the release of CentOS 6.2 in late December 2011, you can now deploy servers running the latest version of this popular Linux distribution in just a few seconds.

CentOS 6.2 is based on the upstream release EL 6.2 and includes packages from all variants. Read the full release notes.

Importantly. CentOS 6.2 extends ‘end of life’ to November 2017, meaning it will continue to receive updates some three years beyond the previous version. CentOS 5.7 will stop receiving updates in May 2014.

If you’re not yet using Serverlove and interested in trying out a cloud server with CentOS 6.2, sign-up for a free trial now.

New signup? Double your credit this Monday – today only!

How are your servers doing this Monday?

Today is one of the biggest online shopping days of the year, thanks to the import of an American tradition, Cyber Monday or Mega Monday. A quick search online reveals some hot UK deals that are almost too good to be true (20% off at Best Buy anyone?). But it’s also revealing the strain on shopping site servers, as Mega Monday turns into Manic Monday when thousands of consumers log on for a bargain at lunchtime and after work.

It’s times like this that hosting your servers in the cloud can really help. New product launch? Big sale? Or has your site hit Hacker News? With Serverlove, you can rapidly scale up your server in seconds, so you’re ready when that tweet from Stephen Fry or post on Reddit sends tens of thousands of curious visitors to your site.

Try us out. We’re joining in with this tradition and – today only – we’re doubling your credit when you sign-up with Serverlove. This means you get a whopping £30 of credit to trial Serverlove. And there are pretty much no restrictions!

This is only valid until midnight tonight (28 November 2011, GMT) and for new sign-ups. Have a go with our scalable cloud servers because your hosting should give you Happy Mondays for years to come.

Price drop on memory, disk storage and data transfer

Hey there Serverlovers,

Just a quick note to update you on some stuff that’s been going on with Serverlove.


The most exciting news is a substantial price drop on memory, disk storage and data transfer. Due to the growth of the platform we’ve been able to lower some of our costs and are delighted to be able to pass them on to you:

  • Memory will be reduced to 1.5 pence per GB per hour (a 33% reduction on the previous cost) so £7.20 per GB per month.
  • Disk storage will be reduced to £0.10 per GB per month (a 50% reduction on the previous cost).
  • Data transfer will be reduced to £0.02 per GB (a 60% reduction on the previous cost). Also remember that you’re only billed for your actual usage with Serverlove.

These changes will take effect overnight on our platform automatically so you don’t need to do anything for this to take effect.


Thanks to the feature feedback that customers have left on our feedback forum at we’re busily working on our version 2 control panel which will bring online a number of new features that you’ve asked for. We’ll be in touch closer to the time to let you know about the upgrade which should be in late September.


We’re really keen to hear from you about how your experience has been with Serverlove, so send us your feedback (both positive and negative); we’re all ears. If it’s a feature request, best to do this left on our feedback forum at

That’s about it for now; if you’re a customer, we’ll email you next when we’re ready to go live with our new platform.

cPanel and Plesk Licenses Available

If you’re looking for a control panel to run on your cloud server, you’ll be pleased to hear that we offer both Parallels Plesk and cPanel licenses. You can add these to your Serverlove servers simply by contacting support and requesting the appropriate license.

License Pricing

cPanel/WHM Unlimited Domain License **LINUX ONLY** – £29 per month
Plesk 10 Domain License – £9 per month
Plesk 100 Domain License – £25 per month
Plesk Unlimited Domain License – £49 per month
Plesk Plus License – £69 per month

The cost of the license will be deducted from your account every month.  Prices are subject to VAT.

Buy one get one free in January!

Hey there Serverlovers,

To celebrate the launch of Serverlove back in December, we’re running a fantastic offer until the end of January. Simply make a topup on your
account by credit or debit card, and we’ll double the credit for you! It’s our way of saying thanks for being some of our first Serverlove
customers. This offer is valid for topups applied to your account between today and the end of January.

Simply log into your cloud server account, make a topup, and we’ll do the rest.

As ever, we’d love to hear your feedback on your experiences with Serverlove as we’re looking to develop features in-line with the needs of our customers.

Remember that whilst Serverlove might have only been around since late last year, we’re part of Melbourne Server Hosting who has been around for 10 years now!

Fantastic first week for Serverlove :)

We’ve had a fantastic first week for Serverlove. We’ve had loads of trial signups, paying customers and more importantly, lots of positive feedback.

The feedback is actually the most important at this stage for us, as we really want to develop Serverlove into an application that’s as useful as possible. What you see when you log in now, is very much an initial release and we will be building lots of new functionality over the coming months.

In this respect, it’s immensely helpful if you could submit feature requests through our feedback forums (powered by uservoice).  It enables users to submit suggestions and for other people to vote on them.  The most popular features will (sanity check permitting) make it into future versions of Serverlove.  We really do want to make it as tailored to the needs of our customers as possible!

Daniel Keighron-Foster,
Managing Director

We’re live

We’re pleased to announce the availability of Serverlove as a live service from Melbourne!

After a month or so of beta-testing from nearly a hundred or so customers, staff and friends-of-Melbourne, we’ve had very few technical hiccups, just issues about how we’d do things, like recurring payments.  We have all that sorted now and we’re ready to go!

If you’ve been beta-testing, we’ll be emailing you shortly to let you know what’s next if you want to continue with the service now it’s live, which is a simple case of topping up your prepay balance if necessary.  Any credit you had during the beta period will be carried over.

If you’re planning to migrate from a Melbourne service to Serverlove, we’ve prepared a useful FAQ for you.

Thanks once again to all the beta testers and we look forward to working with you through Serverlove.

Nearly there!

We’re almost ready to go live.   The beta period has now completed and we thank the nearly hundred customers who’ve tried out the product and given us feedback.

We’re making final touches to the recurring payment system – which has the unfortunate consequence that it’s not currently possible to pay for anything! – which we aim to have completed by the end of the month.

In the meantime, if you were on the beta and would like to continue to the live service, you don’t need to do anything, except sit tight and we’ll let you know when you can add payments.  If, in the meantime, you need topping up because your balance is about to go to zero, please email us.

Welcome to serverlove

We’re currently in public Beta.  We’ll be launching Serverlove in November. It’ll be a self-service cloud server offering, backed by the fantastic infrastructure and green credentials of Melbourne. You’ll be able to create, clone, grow, shrink and destroy VMs yourself through the self-service portal with billing based on 5 minute increments.

Free 5 day trial

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