Making it lovable – the new Serverlove control panel

I blogged recently about some of the new features of the upgraded Serverlove control panel. In that blog, I wrote that our overriding goal at Serverlove is to make “cloud servers you’ll love!”.

So one of the things we looked at very carefully when designing the upgraded control panel was the look-and-feel of the interface. The existing control panel is definitely functional in approach, which offers clarity and avoids clutter, meaning users can get to grips with it quickly without being distracted. However, we always felt we could offer something even more finely designed while retaining that clarity and functionality. We just wanted to make it that little bit more lovable to use.

So, working with our designers Gavin and front-end developer Phil, we’ve developed a beautiful new theme for the control panel user interface. We’re bringing the look and feel of the Serverlove website right into all areas of the control panel, with gorgeously put-together motifs helping you navigate through the different sections of the interface and space for just enough help text to enhance the ease of use.

We also know it’s not just how it looks, but what is says. Sometimes, in the rush to develop exciting new products, we don’t get to refine the way we say things as much as we’d like. This time, we’ve made an extra effort to make the written copy of Serverlove useful, informative and friendly.

But this upgrade is more than just a facelift. As I mentioned previously, we’re making static IPs and VLANs generally easier to use and you’ll be able to service your own rDNS entries too. Behind the scenes, we’ve tweaked our API to make it respond more like you’d expect.

We also hope to roll-out updates to the control panel on a more frequent and ongoing basis. Many of these will be small things, but we’re also planning to deploy a whole set of new pre-installed server templates in the coming months and we’re looking forward to hearing you what you’d like to see.

The upgrade is due to happen this Thursday between 10:00 am – 12:00 pm so login after midday and check it out for yourself!

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