Serverlove control panel update coming soon!

It’s a really busy few days here at Serverlove. If you’re following us on Twitter or you’ve talked to us on the support site, you’ll know we’re on the cusp of launching our new control panel in the next week or so.

Our overriding goal at Serverlove is to make “cloud servers you’ll love!”. That’s not just marketing-speak – we mean it. So that’s why we’ve constantly been listening to your feedback and, over the last few months, planning this new update.

Importantly for us, we want to make sure you can control every aspect of your cloud servers which is why it’s not surprising that “Self-servicing of rDNS” is the most requested feature to date. We’re really pleased to say that this is included in the new control panel. Users that need this functionality, e.g. for mail servers etc, will be able to specify rDNS entries for each of their IP addresses. If you have existing rDNS entries that we’ve manually provided, they’ll be migrated seamlessly.

Talking of IP addresses, we’ve always been aware that the method of acquiring static IPs for your cloud servers hasn’t been as easy as it could be, requiring an IP ‘subscription’. Following the control panel update, getting a static IP address for your cloud server will be a simple few clicks and you’ll be transparently billed from your existing balance. No more nagging emails about your precious IPs! The same process will be applied to VLANs.

This is just the first of a few blog posts I’ll be writing to keep you informed about the new features and upgrades in the new control panel. We haven’t set a final date for the deployment of the update, but we’ll give you the usual notice when we’re ready. Just to let you know, we don’t expect there to be any disruption to running servers, but the account interface will be down for a short while.

Finally, we’re doing this because we want Serverlove to be a platform you’ll enjoy (and hopefully love!) to use. Keep an eye on the blog and our Twitter account, and keep feeding back to help us make using Serverlove that bit more loveable!

Josh @ Serverlove

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